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SADIF Analytics

SADIF Investment Analytics is a European-based independent research firm providing unbiased and conflict-free research for institutional investors and money managers worldwide. SADIF recommendations are derived from a value-driven quantitative rating model based on fundamental financial analysis, complemented by technical inputs. Our ratings provide a comprehensive tool for analysis and development of actionable investment ideas.

SADIF Equity Research

Through all major research aggregators, SADIF publishes quarterly Due Diligence Reports on more than 22,000 companies, spread over 31 countries, with a public embargo period of two days. Reports include a comprehensive set of ratings along with conventional stock recommendations, price targets and EPS estimates. Subscribers have immediate access to all reports released, receive a daily list of upgrades/downgrades and can access our platform for back copies and daily updates of our research.


SADIF Analytics Platform

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Our user-friendly online-access is designed to provide a complete top-down analytic platform for professional investors. The platform offers a diverse range of services, including back testing, research updates, valuation analysis, stock alerts, stock screening, as well as detailed rating and strategy analysis through SADIF’s InvestorLab Pro.

InvestorLab Pro is not simply another screening algorithm; the package harnesses the combined power of the most advanced stock-picking techniques with independent equity research and the top-performing StockMarks™ rating system to provide trading ideas.

SADIF Methodology

Our research process is derived from a proprietary rating algorithm – StockMarks™ – which uses public data updated daily. StockMarks™ is the most comprehensive rating system, combining financial analysis with advanced space-time mathematics in a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. Rather than a simple buy/sell recommendation, StockMarks™ offers the ability to analyze companies from multiple angles, offering 9 different ratings. Combining the chosen ratings provides the ability to create advanced diversification strategies. Internal back testing, adjusted for out-of-bound and survivorship bias, consistently places our accuracy above market consensus.